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We want to hear from you! Tell us your favourite song from 'The Bridge', the songs you are most looking forward to hearing live, or upload a picture of a moment – or someone - that helped you build a bridge over challenges you might have faced in the last year and why!

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R Pace| Lake Macquarie, Australia

A picture is worth 1,000 words, in my case '10,000 nights dreaming' of 'Rushing Waters' where isolation is the norm…

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Jennifer Peer| Greece, NY

During the pandemic lockdown, love was a constant. My son was attending school from home. I transitioned to a new…

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Douglas Cole| Seattle, Washington

Love, especially during lockdown, was an intense feeling of concern for my family, my children, my parents. I felt secure…

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Every song is my favorite, I understand and I thank you! In these difficult times love is the most important;…

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Rob| United States

I'll be upfront, I'm new here. I've never listened to sting in my life outside of a song or two…

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Maria Burger| Bamberg Germany

Sting's statement that recently music has become a commodity like coffee or wallpaper in the background for many people has…

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