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We want to hear from you! Tell us your favourite song from 'The Bridge', the songs you are most looking forward to hearing live, or upload a picture of a moment – or someone - that helped you build a bridge over challenges you might have faced in the last year and why!

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Steve Kilpatrick| Alpharetta GA

The Book of Numbers describes my journey through Covid. The pandemic was a long search in the wilderness. It forced…

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Galathea BvM| Hamburg, Germany

As a 1949ner your music has accompanied me all my life. Thank you, Sting! „Rushing Water“ puzzles me. I feel…

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Tim Hart| North Lincolnshire

How to function in these challenging times? Everyone needs a strategy to try to maintain their sanity . I find…

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Shirley Ann| Scotland

I owe Sting so much. I fell in love with him when I was only 20 and that love built…

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Fredy| Neuchatel

À Sting le Poète, bâtisseur de ponts, entre les mots et les sons, sa musique nous parle et ses paroles…

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Chris Moore| Frisco, TX

During college in 1994, I was enraptured by "Ten Summoner's Tales", specifically how it complimented a Sunday autumn afternoon, and…

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